Saturday, May 1, 2010

Drugstore Mascaras Review - Maybelline, Rimmel, Max Factor

I am not known for being a big drugstore fan, but some weeks ago I decided to try a couple of drugstore mascaras, in order to check if they can match my high-end mascaras.

And here are my impressions:

MAX FACTOR - Lash Extension Mascara
Extreme Lengthening Mascara - Black

I really really like Max Factor Mascaras. This newest mascara is their first lengthening mascara. As usual, the wand ends with a rubber brush, but this one is thinner and longer. 
Effect: Length, length, and some more length. Actually, for me, it was too much length and I got the spider lashes effect. 
It felt nice on the lashes, no clumping, but also no volume. No smudging and no flakes during the day.
It went off easily.

Personally, I didn't like the effect on my lashes, but this mascara does keep it's promises. 

MAYBELLINE - Colossal 100% Black 
Volum' Express Mascara

This is definitely my favorite mascara in this bunch, because I personally like extreme looks, and this is the only one that gave it to me.
It does add a descent volume to the lashes, and even lengths them nicely. The lashes get a nice curve. There is no clumping and the lashes are well separated. 
The biggest problem I had with this mascara was that the formula wasn't silky enough and the result was small mascara-flakes on the lashes. It dries a bit to fast, so you also don't have the chance to get rid of this problem.
This mascara is no smudge-proof and after a couple of hours you better check it in the mirror in order to clean the under-eye flakes. Nothing extreme messy, but also not very nice. 
This mascara is not perfect, but it is a nice one and ok for the price. I will not re-purch, though. 

MAYBELLINE Falsche Wimpern 
Volum' Express Mascara - Glamour Black

I guess this Mascara will have different names in different countries, but the meaning should be "False lashes".
I read so many good reviews about this mascara and had very high expectations. Well, I think it's the worst mascara in this review.
The wand is curved, in order to achieve maximal volume. 
I think this mascara doesn't have any voluminous effect. Simply Zero volume. On the other hand, it does have an extreme lengthening effect. My lashes became so long, that it looked unnatural and spider-like. 
No clumping or any other problems with the application.
As with the colossal - also here I had to clean my under eye area every couple of hours.
I really really didn't like this mascara.

RIMMEL - Sexy Curves 
Full Volume & Curve Mascara - Intense Black

This one also has a rubber wand, with a special form - as you can easily see in this picture. 
This special form is designed in order to reach each and every lash. 
This mascara adds volume and makes the lashes look fuller, but I didn't notice any extreme curving effect. This mascara separates the lashes, without clumping. You can add some more volume if you apply the mascara again and again, but I couldn't get any massive voluminous effect.
The formula is quite nice and easy to work with. I didn't notice any smudging or flaking during the day.
This is a nice mascara for an everyday look, for those who are looking for a fuller lashes look, but nothing to extreme. I won't re-purchase, just because of my personal preference, but it is worth buying. 

In my opinion, 2 mascaras performed well - The colossal for a more extreme look and sexy curves for a more natural look (but still defined). The Max Factor Mascara did have a lash extension effect (as promised), but I missed a bit of volume, in order to balance the length. The "false lashes' mascara didn't do anything of what I was expecting it to.

After trying 4 drugstore mascaras, I will stick to my high-end ones, unless I decide to go for a more natural look, in which case "sexy curves" could be my choice. 


  1. אני בדיוק משתמשת בקולוסל ונתקלת באותה בעיה..כתמים שחורים מתחת לעיניים לאחר מס' שעות.מבאס.מה המסקרה שהיית הכי ממליצה עליה למראה דרמטי?

  2. את לא תאהבי את התשובה שלי.. הכי הכי דרמטית היא ה"סמוקי אייז" של מופה. אבל היא לפעמים דרמטית מדי.0
    אחריה - "אייז טו קיל" של ארמאני. היא מהממת! 0
    מצד שני - אני חושבת שגם ה"פלאשלאש" של מאק עושה יופי של עבודה, אז אם לא ניסית אותה - ממליצה. 0

  3. קראתי ביקורות על מסקרה של ארמאני.נשמע טוב.את יודעת מאיפה אפשר להשיג?
    עוד שאלה בתור מומחית לדיוטי פרי (אני מניחה כן :)
    יש דברים שכדי לקנות בדיוטי הישראלי?או שאין הבדל במחירים במותגים כמו אס"ל,דיור ושאנל?
    תודה מראש על התשובה :)

  4. מצטערת, אבל אני לא יודעת. אולי כדאי לנסות באיביי. מעבר לזה אני לא מכירה אתרים אונליין. יש את האתר האמריקאי, אבל נדמה לי שהוא שולח רק לארה"ב. 0

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