Friday, October 30, 2009

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 475 Dragon

My first post must be a Chanel post.
I got this nail polish 2 weeks ago. I must admit, I have more than enough polishes, and more or less 50 red ones. One of my first nail polishes was the legendary Rouge-Noir 18, and since then I always go back to Chanel.
I bought this one just because it looked like the perfect red - not too orange, not too blue, not to dark and just right.

And it is - the perfect red, at least for me. As a base I used OPI base to finish (don't like it, but didn't have anything else) and seche vite as a top coat (LOVE that one!). No application issues, perfect brush, perfect formula. The Chanel formula seams to be a bit thick sometimes, but not with this one. One coat gave an opaque look, but I always always apply a second coat. No lines, very creamy and easy to use. Just perfect.

I'm sorry about the quality of the picture, but the only camera I got here is my iphone camera.


  1. לק מהמם ! אני מתה עליו והוא גרם לי לחשוב ברצינות להשקיע סכומי כסף לא הגיוניים בשביל לקים של שאנל

  2. אני מתה על הלקים של שאנל :)))
    פוסט ראשון על שאנל = בלוג כלבבי.