Saturday, September 18, 2010

MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation - Review

" A Long-wear Foundation that gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition. Lightweight and creamy, applies smoothly to provide sheer to medium coverage. Even in hot and humid conditions, controls oil to keep fresh, natural and flawless. Provides everyday SPF Protection."

I never really fell in love with any MAC Fluid Foundation. The only one I really like is the Face & Body, especially because it has C and N Shades.
This new Foundation has a very good chance to become one of my favorite foundation, and I do have quite a few..

The Foundation is packed in a glass bottle with the usual comfortable MAC pump. 30 ml retails is Germany for 30€, in the states - 29,50$
The color range of this foundation contains the regular MAC NC and NW shades. No N or C shades. I never get a good color match at MAC, because I am a combination of NC15, NC20 and NW15. For more reference: EL DWL 1.0, GA Lasting Silk UV 4.5, GA LSF 4, MUFE HD 117, Sisley teint eclat 1, BB #2 sand. So I was very surprised to find a really really good match with NC20. The NW range of this foundation is very pink, and I had the feeling that the NC range has a bit of an orange tone into it. Somehow, they seem less yellow than usual. NC15 is very light, NC25 was much too dark. So I actually had no other choice but NC20. And it's PERFECT! Both me and the MA thought that the color range is not very good and I do think some light-toned skins will find it difficult to get a good match. But it's worth a try.. 

I prepared my skin with my La-Mer moisturize and Laura Mercier Primer. I have a combination skin, but on winter time it tends to dry out a little. I have a very sensitive skin, reddish, with some acne scars.The Pro Longwear foundation is for all skin types, but I think it would look the best on combination skin, like mine. The weather here is getting cold, so I couldn't really try it in hot and humid conditions. 

The consistency of this foundation is liquid, very similar to GA Lasting Silk. Actually, the new MAC foundation reminded me a lot of the GA one, and it's good, because I love it. Application was quick and perfect with both 190 and 187 brushes. It goes on very smooth and even, with no strikes or dry patches. I usually tend to have problems applying foundation on my nose, but here is just glided on. 
I got a medium coverage, with a silky looking finish. Very flawless, very dewy. The finish is not matte and the skin looks really good. It did cover imperfections, in a very fine and natural way. The skin looks natural, even, fresh. As MAC promises, it does feel lightweight. 
I powdered lightly with the MUFD HD Powder, mainly on the T-Zone. 

Staying Power - Well, don't expect it to stay perfect for 15 hours, especially not on the T-Zone. I was wearing it for 10 hours, and my nose did get shiny. BUT, the rest of the face looked fresh and flawless, as if I just applied foundation. I never got such a good result with any other MAC foundation - they usually start to flake on me after a couple of hours, but not this time. I had to double check in the mirror, because I was really surprised. I guess the lasting power might not be good enough if you have oily skin or in very hot/humid weather, but for me it was good enough.

This foundation didn't break me out, but I am pregnant, and nothing really breaks me out at the moment :)). It also didn't oxidize and the color stayed true throughout the day.

I think this is a very good foundation for a natural-dewy look with a medium coverage and a (more or less) long-lasting result. Even if the the MAC foundations disappointed you in the past - I warmly suggest to try this one (if you find a good shade match). You might be surprised. 


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