Monday, February 1, 2010

MAC Mineralize SPF15 Foundation - Review

I never ever thought I would say the next 3 words regarding a MAC Foundation, but "I LOVE IT". 

This cream-compact foundation was launched here in Germany on Saturday, together with the new 130 short duo fiber brush. This is what MAC says about this Foundation: "This uniquely textured foundation delivers ultimate hydration while revitalizing the look of dull and dry areas. Medium buildable, smooth even coverage and a feather-cloud comfortable silky feel with a natural finish."

It comes is a studio tech like container, with a sponge. Also here - you get 10 grams of product, which is really not much (and considering it costs 33€ in Germany!). It should fit all skin types, but especially normal-dry skin.I have a combination skin, but on winter time it tends to dry out a little. I have a very sensitive skin, reddish, with some acne scars.

The color range of this foundation contains the regular MAC NC and NW shades. No N or C shades. I never get a good color match at MAC, because I am a combination of NC15, NC20 and NW15. For more reference: EL DWL 1.0, GA Lasting Silk UV 4.5, GA LSF 4, MUFE HD 117, Sisley teint eclat 1. The MA at the store told me that this foundation tends to get darker on the skin after application, so decided to get the NC15. The NC range seams to be less yellow than the SFF NC range, so I thought I can get a good match with NC15. Also, the NC20 was noticeably darker. As I applied it, I thought it was too light, but after 15-20 minutes it did get darker and fitted me perfectly. I also rather buy a bit too light shade than a bit too dark, because it is very easy to make it darker with powder/bronzer, but the opposite is not that easy..

I prepared my skin using my La-Mer moisturizer and the Laura Mercier Primer. This foundation is very hydrating, but that is exactly why the skin has to be well prepared - if you don't do that, the skin will 'drink' the moisture in the foundation and it will look dull on you. I applied it once with the 130 brush and once with the 190 brush. Both ways gave a very good result, but I think that the 190 did a better job. Somehow, it went on more fluent. 

The consistency of this foundation is very thin. I would say it is gel based, because it feels a bit like the studio sculpt, just not as thick. It has a very subtle smell. I don't really believe that Mineralize products are better for my skin (and this one is anyways not 100% mineral), but it didn't break me out.

The coverage is light-medium. If you are looking for a good medium or high coverage - this is the wrong product for you. Still, I find the coverage amazing - it did cover my redness, it did cover my scars. Not fully, but they became less notable. As for the finish - It is amazingly satiny and soft. The skin looks very flawless. The foundation blends perfectly into the skin, almost as if you don't wear any make-up. Pores are less notable and the skin looks highlighted. You don't get a matte nor powdery finish, but it is also not as shiny as with the MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation. I love this kind of finish, but if you prefer a very matte finish - you better stick to the SFF.

The best thing about this foundation was, that it didn't emphasize any dry areas. Most foundations look caky on my nose and chin, but I didn't have this problem with this new MAC foundation. 
After application, the skin feels a bit sticky. I powdered it a bit with my MUFE HD powder, and the sticky feeling went away. The foundation feels very comfortable, smoote and soft on the skin, all day long.

I can not really say much about the staying power. It is winter now and I didn't wear it to a party. It is not supposed to be long lasting, but it did last perfectly for about 8 hours. Just before taking it off I did notice that is started to disappear. It didn't become caky, flaky or something like that, it just started to fade away, so my redness became more obvious. My T-Zone didn't get shiny, but as I said already - it's winter. I guess it is not the perfect choice for warm climates or for the summer, but it is just a guess. I also think it really depends on your skin and the way you prepare it. 

I really really do love this foundation. If you are looking for a moderate coverage and a flawless, natural finish - Try it!


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