Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yves Saint Lauren Teint Radiance Flawless Foundation SPF20 - Review and Pictures

A new Foundation by YSL. The full name is "Teint Radiance  - Radiance enhancing flawless Foundation SPF20". 

"This fluid foundation , with a fine and silky texture, acts in perfect harmony with the skin to diffuse a sublime, satiny radiance and offer the complexion ideal coverage and lasting coverage".

I couldn't agree more with this description! 

After "Teint Resist", this is the second new foundation by YSL. Teint Resist is a makeup for combination - oily skin, and I would say that the Teint Radiance is perfect for regular - dry skin types. But not only, because I think it could also suit women with combination skin, who have a problem with dry patches or by cold weather. 

My skin type is combination, but in winter it tends to have dry spots. I prefer the dewy look and not the matte one, but I don't want it to look shiny. Many radiance-enhacing foundations tend to make the skin look shiny in an unflattering way and pores can become more notable. And that is the big advantage of this foundation - It gives the skin a very dewy, flawless, healthy finish, without going over the top. 

I guess the color range will be the same like the Teint Resist, but because the finish and coverage are not the same - you should test is before buying. My perfect match in Teint Resist is a mix between 4 and 1 (both neutral). With the Teint Radiance I got a perfect match with shade number 4 - sable/sand. I tested both nu. 4 on my hand, and the teint radiance is a bit lighter than his big brother. Another difference you can see comparing the 2 of them - resist has a higher coverage and looks 'dryer' on the hand. The finish of the radiance is much more satiny and glowy. For reference: I am EL DWL 1, Armani Lasting silk SPF20 4.5, MAC NC15 mixed with NC20 mixed with NW15, NARS sheer glow light4 Deuville, MUFE HD 117. I have a light skin with neutral undertones, but I am not extremely light. 
Number 3 had pinky undertones, and I think that number 2 was yellow. 

This foundation comes in a very comfortable glass pump bottle. The consistency of this foundation is more on the thick side. I applied it with my MAC 187 brush and it went on like butter. Simply amazing! I got a perfect application in seconds. The coverage should be medium, but I think it's a bit less than medium. My skin looks very good at the moment (thanks to my la mer products), so the coverage is good enough for me. BUT, if you are looking for a good coverage, you won't like this foundation. It feels very comfortable on the skin, for hours. It didn't make my large pores notable than usual nor fine lines. 
As for the finish - It is dewy, it is radiant and luminous, it is very very natural. It looks like my skin, but better. It does diffuse with the skin. Now, this is all nice, but only if you like that kind finish and only is your skin is not on the shiny side. You could compare the finish with the Armani LSF, but I think that the YSL's finish is more subtle and fine, if you understand what I mean. I powdered lightly with the MUFE HD Powder, and the combination between these two gave me a perfect result. If you want to keep the original luminous glow you better skip this step or use a more radiant powder. 
If I compare this foundation to the NARS Sheer glow - The YSL has a more luminous finish and a bit lighter coverage. In comparison to MUFE HD - The YSL looks in my opinion much more natural on the skin and again - a bit lower coverage. 

Staying power - Well, on me it was long lasting, but I tried it under perfect conditions in the German winter. When I checked it after 6-7 hours, my T-Zone was still not shiny. Even at the end of the day it didn't turn caky of flakey. I don't really think it will be long lasting in hot climates or if you have oily skin.

42,50 Euro for 30 ml. A light fresh scent. 

An excellent foundation for those looking for a light-medium coverage and a very natural luminous-dewy finish.


  1. Sounds intresting. I'm going to search some dry spots on my poor skin so I'll have an excuse to try this one

  2. I'm sure you'll found some..

  3. I', so happy You reviewed this foundation - I'm planning on buying it sometime in the near future. I tried it on my hand and I loved the finish - but lately I've been more oily, so I'll wait for the winter to kick in a bit more (although it's 14 degrees of celsius today, brr). I may cave in and get the Teint Resist as well. There's gonna be a sales day soon. :)

    Special thanks for writing this post to English - much appreciated. :)

  4. Petra hi, I think both foundations are very nice, but as you wrote - for different skin types or weather. I can also recommend you the new MAC Pro-longwear foundation - I will write a review soon, but I like it very much.

  5. Thanks so much, Noa! :) I'll look out for it.