Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cle´de peau - Concealer in Beige

OK, this will be a post about my first impression from this concealer. I might update it in the future, but at the moment I think I got the idea.

We are talking here about one of the most famous concealers in the world (and also one of the most expensive ones). It is also not easy to get.. In Germany, for example, you can not get them any more. In NY I got it for 70$, plus TAX (for 5g). I tried this concealer a couple of years ago and decided that it was ok, but not worth the money. Now it was time to try it again, and I admit I bought it without trying it properly. 

I got it in the color Beige, which is a neutral color. This was the only color that could fit me - the others were to dark/light/yellow. This is a stick concealer, best applied with the fingertips and over a good moisture.

The first time I tried it over a not very moisturizing eye cream, and the look was very dry. Actually, the texture of this concealer is not dry at all.. I think it is creamy and silky enough and you need just a very thin layer in order to get good results. Anyway, the first application made my fine lines notable and it just didn't look flawless. 

Today I tried it again, but this time over a good moisture. The result was much better. I needed a very small amount in order to cover my dark undereye circles and the eyes looked brighter, younger, fresh, flawless. The finish looked very natural and not dry at all. It didn't set into fine lines. As usual, I powdered lightly with the powderflage and it lasted all day. A small note - I don't have very dark circles to hide.

I think this is a good concealer, but I didn't find it very different from other good concealers I have. The only difference is, that this one is much more expensive, and 5g are really not much.. 
This is one of these products, that people (including me!) buy because of their reputation and not exactly because of their quality. Don't understand me wrong - this IS a good product, and I would recommend it if it wasn't that pricy. I would pay 70$ for a magical concealer, that does something that no other concealer can do, but this concealer (even though it's good) is no magic for me.


  1. Noa, which do you recommend best, this one ore the Dior one- Nude?
    thx :)

  2. The Dior.. But the best recommendation would be to try them first..