Monday, November 16, 2009

YSL - Nail Laquer 35 Gris Smoking

WOW, WOW, WOW. And once again - WOW!

This is a nail polish from the regular collection of YSL. The full name is LA LAQUE Long-Lasting Nail Laquer 35 Gris Smoking.
I have a mixed experience with the YSL polishes. Some were amazing, and some were ok. And when I say amazing, I mean that they were simply perfect.

This nail polish belongs to the "amazing" category.
I don't think that the color is very original - Black with very subtle silver shimmer. There might be  touch of green inside, but I am not sure about it.

The brush is similar to the ESSIE brush, and the formula is relative thick. After the first coat the color was opaque (but of course I added a second one). It dried out very fast.

BUT, the most amazing thing about it is the application. It applies perfectly - no brush signs, everything is very very even. And if you take a close look at the pictures you will see that I didn't touch the cuticle even once. The brush is so precise, that I didn't have to clean anything. And that is exactly how I like my nail polish - clean and easy. 

I can not say much about the lasting power of this one, but in the past the YSL polishes lasted for 5-7 days. 

With Blitz

The color in this picture is the closest to the real color

I will be gone for 1 week, so I guess there won't be new posts in that time. But on the other hand, maybe yes.. :)). One thing is sure - I'll be back with lots of new stuff!


  1. וואו הלק באמת מדהים!!! אני משערת שכדי לקנות אותו בארץ (אם הוא בכלל נמכר בארץ) צריך לקחת משכנתא? באמת רציתי לנסות את הלקים של YSL

    תהני בחופשה!!!

  2. אני דווקא לא חושבת, כי כרגע יש מבצעים מעולים על איב סן-לורן (בגלל החלפת ייבואנים או משהו כזה). ניסיתי עד היום 3 לקים שלהם - 2 היו מעולים ואחד היה בסדר כזה.