Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MAC Zoom fast black lash Mascara

The newest MAC mascara, which is a "deeper, darker version of the popular Zoom lash Zoomblack shade" (according to the MAC homepage). This is supposed to be "an intensely deep carbon black mascara that instantly combs and lifts the lashes for incredible volume and length".

I like this mascara, even though it won't become my favorite. What I like about it is that it defines the lashes in a few strokes, makes them look longer, but without clumping. The lashes are nicely separated. I can not really say it this mascara lifts the lashes, because my lashes are naturally curled. Anyway, I was happy with the result. The color is a deep carbon black but I can not say I got an "incredible" volume. The volume was ok, but nothing extraordinary. 
It stays all day long.

2 cons - 1. It flakes. For some reason, I couldn't apply this mascara without getting some product on my lids. And cleaning the lids was not easy (you can also see some rest-overs in the pictures).
2. It wasn't easy to take it off at the end of the day, which is a common problem for many MAC mascaras. 

All in all - nice mascara for everyday. 

No curling before the mascara

With Curling

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