Wednesday, November 11, 2009

OPI You don't know Jacques MATTE

A lot was said and written about this nail polish. Both the original and the matte version , are best-sellers, so after falling in love with the cream formula, I couldn't wait for my upcoming New-York trip and bought it in Germany, for 16 Euro!

I already tried 2 colors from the OPI matte collection - Russian navy and Lincoln park after dark. Both gave me an opaque color after the first coat, both lasted 2-3 days. 

That is why I was a bit disappointed by YDNJ - Matte. The color is more or less like the original, but one coat gave a very bad coverage, with noticeable brush signs. The second coat was much better, but the result was still not 100% opaque. I love the color, though. The cleanest mid-tone grey.
Like all the matte polishes, also this one dries up extremely fast, so you don't have the chance to correct any mistakes. You have to take quite a lot of product on the brush and apply it in one stroke. You shouldn't any base/top coat and also avoid hand creams.

I applied it yesterday and I don't think it will last for more than 2-3. Which is ok, by the way, because it is not meant to stay longer. The picture was taken today and you can see some scratches at the tips.

Nice color for those who like the matte trend (like me), but not the best formula.


  1. אני משתמשת איתם בבייס קואט ונשארתי בחיים לספר על זה :D
    זה אפילו משפר קצת את העמידות (הם יכולים להחזיק 25 במקום 24 שעות :D)
    אבל אין על הצבע הזה - הכי מחמיא בעולם!

  2. אני כזאת ייקית, שאם כתוב בהוראות שלא להשתמש בבייס קואט - אז אני לא משתמשת. אבל זה בהחלט ינוסה בפעם הבאה, בעיקר עם השניים היותר כהים.
    באמת צבע מאוד מחמיא.