Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Singulier

A new Mascara by YSL.
YSL are known for their Mascaras. Their "Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils" is one of the best sellers world wide, a great mascara for "false lash" effect.
That's why I had very high expectations from their new Mascara.

I got this mascara in Black (the range includes also brown, green, violet). The packaging is very nice - A gold rounded tube, with the YSL logo in black. Very elegant. The mascara has the typical YSL smell, which I love. 7,5 ml.
The wand is made out of silicone, like many other mascaras. But unlike other mascaras, this one has a double-coil form, in order to reach even the shortest lashes.
The wand comes out of the tube with the exact amount of product so it doesn't clump or make the lashes sticky. The formula is silky and very easy to work with.

I usually start applying mascara at the base of the lashes in zig-zag strokes and then move upwards. This works perfectly with this mascara. The result is longer, thicker, curlier lashes. The lashes are perfectly separated, without clumping. I can not say that the effect is extremely dramatic. Yes, the lashes ARE perfectly defined, but this mascara wouldn't be my first choice for an extra dramatic effect (for that I prefer le 2 by Guerlain, eyes to kill by Armani or Smokey lash by Makeup for ever).

The formula dries quickly so there are no "oh, my lid just got all dirty!" issues. It stays put all day, no smearing whatsoever. Goes off easily with an eye makeup remover.

All in all - I am extremely satisfied with this mascara. It became my every-day-mascara, replacing the EL Sumptuous. By the way, These two mascaras are very much alike..

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