Monday, November 9, 2009

NARS Eyeliner Stylo Black (Nuits Blanches)

A new Eyeliner by NARS, and I just love it.
This is a felt tip eyeliner, like the one from L'Oreal, for exaple. The difference is, that the NARS stylo gets pointed through the tip, unlike the L'Oreal liner.
I liked the packaging. I like it when the product comes from an inner color-patron, and I also like the clean, black design. 
I had no problems getting a nice flow of product, and it comes out very very black. It is not a glossy black, but a very flattering natural black. I find it very easy to create either thin or thick line, both were no problem.
The line is very precise so it doesn't make the eyelid dirty. It dries out quickly. On my lids it lasted all day long in a perfect condition. It was very easy to take off.

I never liked felt-tip liners (the YSL easy liner is my favorite, and it has a brush tip), so I was really surprised by this one. I recommend. 

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